What is Open Access?

Currently at the Summer school on the real-world crypto and privacy, I have the opportunity to listen to a lot of interesting talks. One of them (not directly linked with cryptography) was about Open Access (OA) and has been given by the crypto jedi, Peter Schwabe.

What is OA? The first point is that OA is a very important thing. The second point is… There is only one point.

More seriously, OA is the sine qua non condition to share equitably the human knowledge around the world. In academic world, OA means that all publications are freely available online and do not depend on the power of a particular entity. The three main advantages are:

  1. OA reduces effort to access papers,
  2. OA makes easier for others to improve on your results,
  3. OA advances the field faster.

So, if you have some publications, code lines, results or particular knowledge, please share it on the Internet. Keep in mind that OA is not only restricted to the scientific knowledge, all our culture should be freely available online, from everywhere for everyone, let’s think about Wikipedia…

Good references about OA is the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto written
by Aaron Swartz and the animation created by the famous PhD Comics.



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